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Mdm Linda Jantin

Founder / CEO

Abella Trigona Company

About Abella Scentz

Handmade Stingless Bee Perfume

Abella" means "bee" in the Galician language. Galicia is a region in northwest Spain famous for its world-class honey products. Originated from Lubuk Antu, Sarawak, Abella Scent'z by Abella Trigona Company (ATC) is the first fragrance in Sarawak (as well as in Borneo), handmade using compounds produced by stingless bee.


Abella Scent'z is not a rebranded perfume. Instead, it is an original fragrance created by the founder of Abella Scent'z. The combination of various fragrance essences and Sarawak stingless bee produces a new scent that is complex, long lasting and has its uniqueness. 

Product of Sarawak

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