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About Abella trigona Company

"Abella" means "bee" in the Galician language. Galicia is a region in northwest Spain famous for its world-class honey products. Originated from Lubuk Antu, Sarawak, Abella Scent'z by Abella Trigona Company (ATC) is the first fragrance in Sarawak (as well as in Borneo), handmade using compounds produced by stingless bee.


Abella Scent'z is not a rebranded perfume. Instead, it is an original fragrance created by the founder of Abella Scent'z. The combination of various fragrance essences and Sarawak stingless bee produces a new scent that is complex, long lasting and has its uniqueness. 


To be the world-renowned signature product of Sarawak through stingless bee products. 

Tagline: “Ingat Wangian, Ingat Abella Scent’z“


To be the world-renowned signature product of Sarawak through stingless bee products, it is imperative to create a positive environment and make people feel good about themselves through our products and services. We aim to:


  1. Spreading the power of optimism through our feel-good products aim to boost wellbeing and self-confidence.

  2. Make luxury and exquisity more accessible through the creation of affordable but premium quality products.

  3. Inspire healthier communities by connecting people to stingless bee superfoods. 

  4. Boost socioeconomic and empower local communities through farming, manufacturing, reselling, and outsourcing products and services.

  5. To uncover new markets and expand the boundaries of the current demand.


Philosophy and core values


We humbly learn from the bees and look up to them. Things we learned from the bees act as the guideline for our business DNA that differentiates Abella Trigona Company from others. Our company core values can be expressed with the acronym TRIGONA (also the name for one of the largest genera of stingless bees). Our core values are our basic beliefs that we are committed to hold in our business operation and guide us in our decision making:


Abella Trigona Company (ATC) stingless bee farming started as a passion project and a hobby of the founder (Mdm Linda Jantin) in 2018. Soon, freshly harvested stingless bee honey drew significant interest from the public, prompting Mdm Linda to explore other products that take advantage of the goodness of stingless bee. Production and sales at this point were taken care of by Mdm Linda herself at her own house. Pure honey, Ishy Therapy ointment, and Xilas balm were among the earliest products of the company.  In 2019, ATC started its plan to increase its brand recognition by participating in FACAFEST 2019 (Faculty of Applied and Creative Art Festival) in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). 


Abella Trigona Company (ATC) was officially established on January 15, 2020. ATC collaborated with a YouTuber duo/singer Jeffry Lawerance and Ammy Antau (famously known as JLAmmy) to extend the company's reach and revenue. It was a brilliant move, as it spurted the company's growth exponentially, allowing the company to open another office at Everbright Park, Kuching. ATC continues to grow, and the demand for Abella Scent'z perfumes increases despite the COVID19 pandemic. As a result, the current rented commercial lot has reached its full capacity. ATC then decided to move its operation to a warehouse in Muara Tuang Land District, Kuching. On December 9, 2020, ATC was interviewed by Astro Awani to feature in their live news broadcast.  

Moving to the new warehouse marks another significant landmark and growth spurt for ATC. In 2021, ATC's ambition continues with the acquisition of professionals in the top management rank. Mdm Yati Adida moved over to oversee the financial operation of ATC. Meanwhile, Dr. Donald Stephen relinquished his position as a researcher & lecturer in UNIMAS to become the Chief Operating Officer cum Chief Research and Communication Officer at ATC. Dr. Donald Stephen, who has received nine honors and awards during his 11 years of service in UNIMAS, hopes to bring new ideas to ATC to advance the company. 


ATC defines ambition as a desire for success and growth, not just for the company but also for the community it serves.  Hence in 2021, ATC started its first Internship Program to train and provide invaluable experience for students from local universities. ATC provides a platform to local communities to increase their quality of life and income by joining ATC as a stockist, agent, or dropship.  There are over 500 stockists, agents, and dropships for Abella Scent'z all over Malaysia at the point of writing. ATC will also soon expand its wings to Brunei to fulfill its vision to be the world-renowned signature product of Sarawak through stingless bee products.

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About Abella Scent'z

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