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Abella Scent'z Perfume


For him, For her,

Limited Edition


Second Edition of Abella Limited Scent'z is here! Presenting Itamax (bergamot, spices) & Mylipoz (plum, apple, strawberry & bubblegum). Very Limited production! Grab it while stock lasts!

Abella Scent'z Perfumes

What makes Abella Scent'z unique? Watch the video below (Malay version).


For Her

Ingat Wangian, Ingat Abella Scent'z

Picking up one of these unique perfumes takes some time. Find your new signature scent with the very best handmade perfume made of sting-less bee propolis. Women's collection of Abella Scent’z perfume includes five unique fragrances: Amorodo, Trigonara, Toratara, and Fantasia. 

Feminine fragrances


Amorodo is a deliciously sweet gourmand fragrance that lifts your mood instantly. This vibrant perfume has sparkling bursts of delightful fruity aromas.


Toratara is the kind of fragrance that soothes your soul and carries your worries away. This aromatic fragrance features rejuvenating floral notes with hints of bergamot and vanilla. It’s a fresh, feminine scent that smells rich without being overpowering.


Fantasia is a powdery floral perfume with a delicious caramel scent that is sure to captivate your senses. The alluring powdery notes make Fantasia feels deeply intimate, calming, and warm.


Stay fresh and captivating all day long with the vibrant TRI-scents of red apple, fresh citrus, and pink peonies. Spritz it with confidence, then GO and enjoy your fabulous girls' day out.

Rosa Prohibida

Rosa Prohibida is a pleasant rose-vanilla fragrance with delightful fruity touches where the vanilla dominates the foreground. This perfume is a well-blended perfume that showcases your elegance and has a great sillage and projection.

Mylipoz (Limited)

Mylipoz is a fun and funky perfume that combines plum, strawberry, green apple, and bubblegum to give you a wholesome and fun experience.

Ingat Wangian, Ingat Abella Scent'z

Abella Scent’z Men’s Collection features sophiscated and sensual collection of the finest men’s perfumes made from sting-less bee propolis extract. These are the fragrances of an accomplished self-made man. Men’s collection contains five amazing fragrances: Algundia, Bless Life, Brillar, Latexa, and Invicta.


For Him

Masculine fragrances


Algundia reflects the sweet and fresh scent in a more versatile way. Suitable for day or night-time use, Algundia features a prominent sweet vanilla top note. This perfume is deep and intense, sweet and rich, hypnotic and alluring.


It is hard not to be enamored with the aromatic, citrusy feeling of Latexa. This clean and fresh fragrance is ideal for people with an active lifestyle.

Bless Life

This warm and elegant scent is the fragrance of choice among teens and young adults because it is intensely woody, citrusy. This warm and elegant scent is highly versatile and can be worn on a wide variety of occasions and for any lifestyle.


Musky, elegant, charismatic, and masculine, Invicta is for men seeking a classic and alluring fragrance that won’t let them go unnoticed. Bold but not overwhelming, Invicta is sure to help you make an everlasting impression.


Brilliant and spectacular, with a touch of Lavender. Brillar is sweet but spicy, floral but masculine, mild but astonishing, startling but calming. Nothing is as alluring and intriguing as a dash of Brillar.

Itamax (Limited)

Boost your self-confidence while releasing life stresses by wearing Itamax. The scent of bergamot, amber and spices provides a warm and comforting experience.

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