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Raw . 100% Pure . Unprocessed . No Additives. 

Why you would love our pure stingless bee honey 

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Our Farm

We collaborate with local farmers in Lubuk Antu Sarawak. Nature in Lubuk Antu provides an ideal environment for stingless bee farming because the quality of stingless bee honey depends on the cleanliness of its environment. We also planted a huge variety of flowers and herbs to ensure a high level of stingless bee honey. 


Click on the link below to see our stingless bee farm. 

pure stingless bee honey

Explore the goodness of pure, premium stingless bee honey. It's no secret that stingless bee honey is more potent than common bee honey. Effects of stingless bee honey are well documented in the literature, such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, cataract studies and anti-inflammatory activity. 

Get a small bottle for you to taste, or haul those big bottles for your whole family to enjoy. A happy family is a healthy family. It doesn't matter which one you pick because you would come back for more, and we would welcome you with open arms.  


Abella Power : Herb-infused stingless bee honey

As if stingless bee honey alone isn't powerful enough, we now add in some herbs (mainly Eurycoma Longifolia) that also have well-documented benefits


This herb-infused stingless bee honey is a superfood for men's health and people having an active lifestyle. Ideal as energy booster and maintenance of general health. 

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Pn Dayang Julia absolutely loves Abella Trigona Company Stingless bee honey. But why? Watch the video to find out.

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