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Multibella Car/Indoor Perfume


Multibella Car/Indoor Perfume

Multibella stingless bee car/indoor perfumes are suitable for:

  • Car 

  • Room

  • Wardrobe

  • Drawer

  • Washroom

  • Many others


What is your favourite car perfume and why it is Multibella?

  • All air fresheners are made from stingless bee compound. No other fragrance has this advantage. Stingless bee extract blends perfume oils to create a perfect harmony of exquisite scents. 

  • Propolis extract gives a unique scent that you will experience for the first time!

  • Refreshing scents help to reduce stress, increase alertness/ attention, enhance cognitive functions.

  • Air-deodorizing. Eliminate foul smells, including smokes.

  • We can use Multibella as car perfume, air freshener for room/office, or drawer deodorizer. 

  • Excellent as a gift or to add interesting touches and personality to your car/room thanks to its unique Sarawak-themed packaging. 

  • Flexible: can be hanged or be placed on a flat surface. 

  • Perfumes are handmade by our perfumers, not factory manufactured.

  • All air fresheners are original, not the imitation of other perfumes.

  • High-quality perfume oil with an incredibly high concentration.

  • Product of Sarawak. Stingless bees are farmed in a pristine environment of Lubuk Antu, Sarawak, surrounded by local medicinal herbs.

  • All perfumes do not contain any ingredients derived from animals or animal products aside from stingless bee extract. 

  • Economical and affordable without compromising on quality. 

  • Best value for money.

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